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Riding Executive

The very active riding executive of the Winnipeg South Federal Liberal Association ensures ongoing communication, events and outreach to members, supporters and liberal-minded voters in the electoral district. Every two months, members at large are invited to meetings held in the community, during which they are invited to partake in discussions on a variety of issues of concern to Canadians.  Events are held throughout the year to engage the broader community in the riding and raise the profile of the association and the Liberal Party.  Members of the riding executive also represent Winnipeg South at party and community events on an ongoing basis.

The riding association is made up of members from across the community that help advance Liberal causes in our community.

President: Chas van Dyck

Past President: Roger Kingsley

Vice President Organization: Chas van Dyck

Vice President Finance: Tom Stokes

Vice President Communications: Christine Hanlon

Director at Large: Pat Ferguson

Director at Large: Terry Duguid

AC Fort Richmond: Derek McLean

AC Greendell: Arlene Young

AC Linden Ridge: M J Willard, Bronwyn Lawton

AC Lindenwoods: Werner Braun

AC Normand Park: Neil Johnston

AC Richmond West: Meryle Lewis

AC Waverly Heights: Jean McKenzie, Daniel McKenzie

AC Fairfeild Heights: Jeann Paterson

AC St. Norbert: Shirley Padgett

AC River Park South East: Robin Dorsett

AC River Park South West: Margaret Von Lau

AC St. Germain: Jim Shapiro

Member at Large: Gregory Liverpool

Member at Large: Claudette Cates

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